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Lavender for the Skin

Lavender, Lavandula angustifolia or otherwise known as the mother of essential oils made its first major break when french chemist René Maurice Gattefossé suffered a severe burn to his skin while working. He had the idea of soaking his arm in lavender essential oil and to his discovery, the severity of his burns reduced and his skin made a miraculous recovery. That ordeal led to the unravelling of lavender essential oil, aromatherapy and its secrets to this day.

Lavender essential oil or True lavender is one of the most common species of lavender and safest essential oils typically harvested in France. The go-to for most anything! Its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, moisturising and healing properties are just some of the helpfulness of this miracle oil. Best of all, it is gentle to the skin and smells heavenly. A natural sedative and aid for headaches as well as respiration, one of lavender’s main uses in the modern world is for eczema.

The most common skin condition, eczema is usually found on children. It also appears to some adults later in life if it is triggered by an allergen. The cause of eczema can be very difficult to pinpoint, from food, allergens, to the weather and stress. Eczema is an enigma but so common to the world’s population.

Common as it may be, there is no cure for eczema except to identify its cause, usually through the process of elimination and treat the symptoms like itch, rashes, dry skin and open wounds. These symptoms leads to scratching the skin and formation of scars.

A popular treatment for eczema is through topical steroids which has been found to be harmful to the skin in the long run and so people got to work to find a better and safer way to help with eczema. One such method is the use of plant parts in the form of essential oils. Although it is still known mostly as a pseudoscience , aromatherapy is slowly but surely making its way into the world with careful extensive research.


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