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Our Ingredients

The Premium Eczema

Our pride and joy lies in our ingredients. We are essential and carrier oils sourced from all over the world, and ensured of being pure and 100% organic. 

Our creator, after much studies and research, formulated us with careful precision and extreme safety consideration.

We know the pains of eczema, and because of that, we are here to help.

In our concoction, we have:-

Olea europeae L (Virgin Olive) oil*

  • Hello! I am Olive. I contain essential fatty acids that your dry skin needs. My properties helps relieve itch, strengthens the skin barrier and enhances its moisture balance. I'll soothe and calm, at the same time, nourish and revitalise your skin!

Cymbopogon martinii (Palmarosa) oil

  • Palmarosa, at your service! I may look like your average grassy plant, but I am an incredibly effective oil on the skin because of my anti-septic, anti-bacterial and hydrating properties. These help fight off the parts of the skin that are often covered with dead skin cells, keeping your skin well moisturised and feeling fresh.

Pelargonium graveolens (Geranium) oil*

  • My name is Geranium. Contrary to popular belief, my delightful oil comes from my leaves and not my petals. I'm not just a beautiful flower that has served Queen Cleopatra to nurture beautiful and radiant skin, I am also a popular oil for reducing inflammation, anxiety, and balancing hormones. Paired with a beautiful scent, I also have anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, astringent, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-oxidant properties. Together with my friends, we'll calm your inflamed skin and put out that itch.

Natural tocopherol (Vitamin E)

  • I bid thee good day! Sir Vitamin E to serve. I am found commonly in skincare products, and often said to have anti-ageing benefits. In this formula, my strength is in my healing and scar reducing properties.

Helichrysum italicum (Helichrysum) Oil*

  • Salutations my good friend. Quintessential for soothing allergic skin reactions, that is me, the everlasting Helichrysum also known as Immortelle. I help best for those who suffer from quick reaction to stimuli that causes swelling and pain. Providing almost instant relief, it would take time for me to do my magic depending on the severity of the damage. Give me that chance, I'll do my very best.

Santalum album (Indian Sandalwood) Oil

  • I am as old as they come, the grounding Sandalwood. Often used for relaxation and meditation. BUT groundbreaking validated research has discovered my remarkable quality for nourishing the skin with my healing ability. I can also promote regeneration of the skin and maintain its elasticity. Best to use me for irritated, rough or cracked skin. Oh and let's not forget, I also help to deal with pesky acne. If you let me, my properties encourages circulation and lymphatic flow, reinforcing sub-dermal tissue.
  • Fun but oh so useful fact! My properties contain demulcent, which is a substance that reduces itching and inflammation pains caused by skin diseases. In this case, the ever ferocious Eczema.
Read about studies and research:-

      Hippophae rhamnoldes (Sea Buckthorn berries CO2 Extract)

      • I bid you a very berry welcome! Sea Buckthorn at attention! I am a base oil known for treatment of the skin and mucosa, with regenerating and protective abilities for the skin. With my anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, I will bring about cell regeneration in the epidermis, making the skin firm and elastic. Not just that, my job is to encourage healthy circulation and provide aid to heal wounds faster. 

        If I do say so, I come highly recommended for extremely sensitive, red and irritated skin. The “go-to” oil for burns, wounds and prevention of radiation damage to the skin, it also promotes recovery.

      *Denotes certified organic

      We are here to fight for you and with you, together, for a better quality of life.